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About us

Operational costs, systems availability, compliance and security, disaster recovery all contributes to today’s incresingly complex IT environement. Managing your infrastruture on a day-day basis can be challenging. Most times dealing with immediate business issues that is important to the future of the company would require that infrastructure and the engine which runs your business is taken away from your focus

386Konsult offerings brings clients a high level of industry and best in class technology knowledge combined with actionable recommendations tailored specifically to your business. With our objective, Unbiased and forward-looking view, We help clients explore new technologies and solutions. At 386Konsult, we bring the best to your table.


Our Profile

We have professionals that have developed deep competencies in Information Systems, Information Security, Information Technology Assurance, Software Development Methodologies

The skill sets of our consultants encompass the following areas: Systems security, networking and database skills and competencies: Demonstrated with global Information Security certification and IT

We have a team of creative developers who lean on the vast experience of our consultants from several sectors/environments; this forms the backbone of our enriched design and content development

Wide-scale experiential knowledge in Technology Assessments, framework development, Implementation Management exercises, and our knowledge of best-practices, frameworks and references have been demonstrated in the richness of assignments.


Invitation Phase

In this phase, we create a shared vision among top executives and key stakeholders that represents the organization’s high-performing future

Envision Phase

The objective of this phase is to develop a clear comprehensive blueprint by building upon the vision and developing the process models to acheive high performance

Create Phase

During the create phase, all components that are part of the envision phase are designed, constructed, fully tested and integrated within the organization. There may be multiple create phases one for each transition segment identified during the envision phase.

Achieve Phase

The primary objective of this phase is to integarte the components built in the create phase into the organization’s business.